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My Visibility Tool (MVT) is a web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that offers real-time global connectivity to supply chains of any shape or size through innovative and customisable workflow solutions.

It provides complete transparency of all the disparate elements that make up modern supply chains, or other business-to-business interactions, where visibility and control of operational data is fundamental and can provide companies with competitive advantage in their marketplaces.

About Us

The MVT solution is the brainchild of supply chain executives at one of the UK’s largest privately-owned freight and logistics service providers. Faced with the challenge of responding to increasingly complex supply chains that its largest customers were developing across a wide range of sectors, including Automotive, Retail and Petro-Chemical, the team has now brought MVT to the wider market and developed a system that combines a flair for innovation with three decades of logistics experience.

A commitment to providing bespoke workflow solutions using pioneering technologies underpins a portfolio of long-term relationships with high profile and well established customers – the MVT solution offers previously unobtainable visibility and levels of control of key areas of their businesses.

This unique and proven approach, honed over several phases of development, understands the specific needs of users through a combination of business and process-specific gap analysis which help identify areas that MVT can provide unparalleled levels of functionality, integration and intelligence.

A key tenet of the philosophy behind MVT is understanding customers' overall business strategy. At the same time, each and every employee that contributes to a specific business function has certain levels of accountability. Marrying these two aspects up is critical to supply chain success, and calls for custom-made software solutions that offer complete control over business-critical processes through a combination of exception-based reporting, statistical analysis and forecasting tools.



MVT are a member of the Association of Freight Software Suppliers

Product Features

The feature-rich user interface brings together many common technologies that users are already familiar with, such as social networking, cloud-based document management and modern reporting techniques, all wrapped into a single customisable application.

Key features include:

  • Customisable Workflow Engine
  • Tile-based User Interface allowing for ‘at-a-glance’ analysis of multiple metrics at the same time
  • Dashboard/Tile design using ‘My Designer’
  • Cloud-based document management using ‘My Cloud’
  • Business-to-business connectivity using ‘My Network’
  • Instant Messaging using ‘My Messenger’
  • Self-Service Security Administration
  • Customisable API that offers EDI XLS/CSV/TXT/XML processing
  • Integrated Notification Module for issuing event-driven alerts via Email and SMS
  • Fully comprehensive Purchase Order Management module
  • Bespoke Track & Trace solutions to help you provide your customers with visibility of their merchandise
  • Warehouse Management Module
  • Customisable Reports that allow you to save views of data and make them available to other users

Bespoke Solutions

While MVT offers a wide range of workflow, reporting and communication features as standard, where it really comes in to its own is in its dynamic and customisable nature.

The power of the MVT framework rests in its ability to build solutions that meet a specific set of business requirements whilst still being underpinned by the MVT application engine.

The MVT team meticulously designs and plans each bespoke solution by working closely with clients to ensure the solution exactly fulfils operational and strategic objectives.

What Our Clients Say?

Raw Materials Importer

"MVT provides SKU/ Purchase Order visibility, critical path management and a whole range of products that have been developed bespoke to our business needs covering the supply chain and inventory position."

High Street Retailer

"MVT has dramatically enhanced our supply chain, reduced overheads within the business and significantly improved the lead time."

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